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Fire Department Directory

Town of Amherst

P O Box 654
68 N. Pleasant Street
Amherst MA 01002
Tel. 413.259.3082
Fax. 413.256.4087
Contact person: Anyone who answer the phone, must pay first
Fire Chief: W. Tim Nelson
MailTo: fire(at)amherstma(dotted)gov

Town of Ashfield

420 Main Street
Ashfield MA 01330
Tel. 413.628.4441 ext 2
Fax 413.628.0184
Contact person: Leave a message
Fire Chief: Kyle Walker
MailTo: firechief(at)ashfield(dotted)org

Town of Belchertown

Fire Department
10 North Main Street
Belchertown MA 01007
Tel. 413.323.7571
Contact person: Terry M-F 8-2
Fire Chief: Edward F. Bock
MailTo: tbock(at)belchertown(dotted)org
Hours: M-f 8 am – 2 pm

Town of Bernardston

Fire Department
18 Church Street
Bernardston MA 01337
Tel. 413.648.9757
Contact person: Leave a message
Fire Chief: Peter Shedd
Cell 413.522.8775
MailTo: bernfire(at)crocker(dotted)com

Town of Buckland

Fire Department
3 Hodgen Road
Shelburne Falls MA 01370
Tel. 413.625.2302
Contact person: Leave a message
Fire Chief: Paul See

Town of Charlemont

Fire Department (mailing address is Town Hall, 157 Main St., P.O. Box 157)
5 Factory Road
Charlemont MA 01339
Tel. 413.339.4335
Fax 413.334.0320
Contact person: Kenneth Hall
Fire Chief: Douglas Annear
MailTo: fire-dept(at)charlemont-ma(dotted)us

Town of Colrian

Fire Department
51 Main Road
Colrain MA 01340
Tel. 413.624.5528
Contact person: Frank Cook
Fire Chief: Frank Cook
MailTo: firechief(at)colrain-ma(dotted)gov

Town of Conway

P O Box 240
32 Main Street
Conway MA 01341
Tel. 413.369.4755
Fax 413.369.4237
Fire Chief: Robert Baker
MailTo: fire(at)townofconway(dotted)com

Town of Deerfield

Fire Department
84 Greenfield Road
South Deerfield MA 01373
Tel. 413.665.2313
Fax 413.665.3478
Contact person: Fire Chief
Fire Chief: William Swasey
MailTo: administrator(at)town(dotted)deerfield(dotted)ma(dotted)us
Hours: M-F 8-3

Town of Erving

Fire Department
10 E. Main Street
Erving MA 01344
Tel. 413.422.2800 ext 201
Best Contact Number:413.824.4078
Fax: 413.422.2811
Fire Chief: Phillip Wonkka
MailTo: ervingadmin(at)comcast(dotted)net

Town of Gill

Fire Department
196A Main Road
Gill MA 01354
Tel. 413.863.8955 (station)
Fax 413.863.0126
Contact person: Leave a message
Fire Chief: Gene Beaubien
MailTo: firedept(at)gillmass(dotted)org

Town of Granby

Fire Department
259 B East State Street
Granby MA 01033
Tel. 413.467.9696
Fax 413.467.9192
Contact person: Leave a message
Fire Chief: Russell Anderson

Town of Greenfield

Fire Department
412 Main Street
Greenfield MA 01301
Tel. 413.774.4323
Fax 413.774.1308
Contact person: Edward Jarvis
Fire Chief: Robert Strahan

Town of Hadley

Fire Department
15 East Street
Hadley MA 01035
Tel. 413.584.0874 ext 23
Alternet Phone: 584-1112
Fac 413.582.9053
Contact person: anyone who answers the phone
Fire Chief: Michael Spanknebel
MailTo: publicsafefy(at)hadleyma(dotted)org
Hours: M-F 9-5

Town of Hatfield

Fire Department
59 Main Street
Hatfield MA 01038
Tel. 413.247.9008
Contact person: Leave a message
Fire Chief: William Belden

Town of Hawley

Fire Department
16 Plainfield Road
Hawley MA 01339
Tel. 413.339.4267
Fax 413.339.5526
Hours: Tuesday 1-5, Wednesday & Friday 10-5
Contact person: Leave a message
Fire Chief: Gregory A. Cox

Town of Heath

Fire Department
123 Branch Hill Road
Heath MA 01346
Tel. 413.337.4461
Town fax 413.337.8542
Contact person: Leave a message
Fire Chief: Michael Smith
MailTo: heathfd(at)crocker(dotted)com

Town of Leverett

Fire Department
95 Montague Road
Leverett MA 01054
Tel. 413.548.9225
Fax 413.548.8864
Contact person: Leave a message
Fire Chief: John Ingram
email: [email protected]

Town of Leyden

Fire Department
16 W Leyden Road
Leyden MA 01337
Tel. 413.774.4111
Fax 413.772.0146
Contact person: Daniel Galvis, police chief
Fire Chief: Clifford Spatcher

Town of Monroe

Fire Department
5C School Street
Monroe MA 01350
Home Tel. 413.424.7571
Contact person: Larry Thoresen
Fire Chief: Larry Thoresen
MailTo: jet128(at)gmail(dotted)com

Town of Montague

Fire Department
28 Old Sunderland Road
Montague MA 01351
Tel. 413.367.2757
Fax 413.367.9909
Contact person: John Greene
Fire Chief: John A. Greene

Town of New Salem

Fire Department
P.O. Box 64
New Salem MA 01355
Tel. 978.544.3345 Moble (Chief) 413.768.8489
Fax 978.544.2500
Contact person: Leave a message
Fire Chief: Joe Cuneo
Deputy Chief: Larry Caton
MailTo: cheif(at)newsalemfire(dotted)org

Town of Northampton

Fire Department
26 Carlon Drive
Northampton MA 01060
Tel. 413.587.1032
Fax 413.587.1034
Contact person: Leave a message
Fire Chief: Brian Duggan
MailTo: bduggan(at)city(dotted)northampton(dotted)ma(dotted)us

Town of Northfield

Fire Department
91 Main Street
Northfield MA 01360
Tel. 413.498.5100
Contact person: Leave a message
Fire Chief: Floyd M. Dunnell III

Town of Palmer

Fire Department
12 Walnut Street
Palmer MA 01069
Tel. 413.283.3861
Fax. 413.283.2241
Contact person: Leave a message
Fire Chief: Alan J. Roy
MailTo: chief(at)palmerfiredepartment(dotted)org
Hours: M – F 9 am – 4 pm

Town of Rowe

Fire Department
4 Sibley Road
Rowe MA 01367
Tel. 413.339.4001 (Fire Station)
Fax 413.339.8316
Contact person: Leave a message
Fire Chief: Brandon Sprague
MailTo: adminrowe-ma(dotted)gov

Town of Shelburne

Fire Department
121 State Street
Shelburne Falls MA 01370
Tel. 413.625.6392
Fax 413.625.6718
Contact person: Larry Bernier
Fire Chief: Richard Bardwell
MailTo: rbardwell(at)firedistrict(dotted)org

Town of Shutesbury

Fire Department
P.O. Box 295
42 Leverett Road
Shutesbury MA 01072
Tel. 413.259.1211
Fax 413.259.3795
Contact person: Leave a message
Fire Chief: Walter Tibbetts
MailTo: firedepartment(at)shutesbury(dotted)org

Town of Sunderland

Fire Department
105 River Road
Sunderland MA 01375
Tel. 413.665.2465
Fax 413.665.7599
Contact person: Leave a message
Fire Chief: Robert Ahearn
MailTo: fire(at)townofsunderland(dotted)us

Town of Ware

Fire Department
200 West Street
Ware MA 01082
Tel. 413.967.5901
Alternate Tel: 413.967.9630
Fax 413.967.9632
Contact person: Jane
Fire Chief: Thomas Coulombe
Deputy Chief: Ed Wloch

Town of Warwick

Fire Department
1 Hastings Pond Road
Warwick MA 01378
Tel. 978.821.5469
Fax 978.544.8353
Contact person: Leave a message
Fire Chief: Ron Gates

Town of Wendell

Fire Department
3 Jackie Lane
Wendell MA 01379
Tel. 978.544.3500
Contact person: Leave a message
Fire Chief: Joe Cuneo

Town of Whately

Fire Department
63 Christian Lane
P.O. Box 516
Whately MA 01093
Tel 413.665.2230
Contact person: Anyone who answer the phone
Fire Chief: John Hannum (413.665.4488)
MailTo: [email protected][/mail_to]

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